Moving images are all around us - and all the time.

But what makes a good film? A good clip? A good video? What makes it successful? The numbers at the box office, the ratings, the sheer amount of clicks or views online? And what about the number of illegal copies and downloads?


A good film has to appeal the one who makes it and the one who wants it made. It has to thrill its audience, captivate the viewer – and leave a lasting impression. It has to be enjoyable; not just today, but tomorrow as well. So, Let’s talk about films…


BachFilm was established in 2002. It all started with documentaries produced for German TV channels VOX, SAT.1 and WDR. After that, features for almost all major TV-channels in Germany. Productions for companies and universities were the next step. And the spectrum continues to widen: in-house productions are part of our portfolio, as well as online videos, podcasts and viral clips for social media. 


Excerpts from our films and videos